School psychologist/counsellor
Pulteney Grammar School (SA)

Chris Clements has shown outstanding leadership, commitment and effort in his review of student wellbeing programs right across Pulteney Grammar School, and in his consequent proposal of a psychological model and wellbeing curriculum delivery structure.

Based on his review, Clements concluded that the school should move away from its ‘acute care’ reactive and eclectic wellbeing model towards a proactive, well-conceptualised and consistent model that would equip students with the capabilities and skills necessary to promote health and wellbeing. The proposed model provides the framework to teach specific mindfulness skills to deal with painful thoughts and negative feelings effectively. It’s an approach that can be applied practically within the school setting to build resilience and psychological flexibility by empowering teachers to have challenging discussions with students and parents in a supportive way.

Additionally, Clements proposed that a Reception to Year 12 wellbeing faculty be created, as opposed to expecting all teachers in the school to have the expertise and desire to teach wellbeing. It’s proposed that the faculty will consist of trained wellbeing teachers to deliver the curriculum right through R to 12.

Clements’ proposal has been presented to the school executive, and an implementation plan is being developed. His leadership and work on the project have been regarded by the school as “exceptional”, enabling it to proactively address future wellbeing concerns.

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