Hugh Chilton, Director of research and professional learning, The Scots College

Hugh Chilton, Director of research and professional learning, The Scots College

Director of research and professional learning
The Scots College, NSW

Dr Hugh Chilton has been with The Scots College in Sydney since 2014, and the contribution he’s made since that time has been described as “remarkable”.

As director of research and professional learning, Chilton has been tasked with the leadership and development of a research office and culture within the college. In this role, he has reshaped the college’s approach to professional learning and has been the architect of several new professional learning programs. A colleague describes him as “highly revered amongst students and teachers alike for his intellect, integrity, passion and commitment to student formation”.

Chilton’s innovative leadership in the professional learning domain has contributed to a greater emphasis on research-informed practice across The Scots College. He has facilitated the development of several research-informed professional learning programs for staff and has mentored and advised staff within and beyond these programs. Additionally, Chilton has overseen the design of innovative new professional learning programs, including The Scots College Leadership Program, for which he recently led the cohort through a design thinking project to collaboratively apply their leadership to an area of strategic significance to the college. In addition to these responsibilities, Chilton is a passionate and gifted teacher of history who works to instil a similar passion in students

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