Jake Plaskett, director of learning innovation, Ruyton GIrls' School

Jake Plaskett, director of learning innovation, Ruyton GIrls' School

Director of learning innovation
Ruyton Girls’ School, Vic

Over the past two years, Ruyton Girls’ School has introduced new signature experiences and programs, authentically developing students’ transferable skills and purposefully challenging their understandings about themselves and their world. According to Jake Plaskett’s colleague, his “enthusiasm, expertise and commitment to excellence have supported and led staff, students and parents in embracing new learning opportunities.”

Some of the new opportunities Plaskett has overseen include the introduction of a blended program for Year 6 and 7 students, which requires students to collaborate on a major project over the course of the year. Meanwhile, Year 9 and 10 students are now connected with industry professionals for a six-week internship program, which allows them to work closely with a mentor on a project that positively contributes to the organisation while also developing the student’s professional skills and competencies. Plaskett has also spearheaded a reimagining of Year 9 and 10 subjects with the creation of new future-focused, interdisciplinary elective offerings.

“Change is an opportunity to do something amazing,” says Plaskett’s colleague. “Jake has engaged staff successfully in this space with the understanding that we are always one step away from being a different person, a different teacher or a different school – we are literally creating the future.”

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