Justin Yee, Head teacher, teaching and learning, Ambarvale High School

Justin Yee, Head teacher, teaching and learning, Ambarvale High School

Head teacher, teaching and learning
Ambarvale High School, NSW

Justin Yee lives and breathes innovation. Having begun his career as a PDHPE teacher, Yee’s passion for maximising human potential through learning led him to his current role as head teacher for teaching and learning at Ambarvale High School. Yee inspires, motivates, enables and empowers both students and teachers to explore their ultimate potential. He develops and structures professional learning with a view to inspiring and informing the entire staff, insisting that learning should be aspirational, creative and playful. His goal is to support others to “live a life worth living”.

Yee has an insatiable desire for continuous learning himself, feverishly consuming professional readings and podcasts and exploring learning opportunities as part of an endless quest to remain current and inspired as an educator. He shares his learning, commitment and passion with others through formalised professional learning opportunities and daily practice.

A sought-after presenter in the education field, Yee will present at the Edutech International Conference in June and regularly presents at the annual PDHPE Teachers’ Association conference. He has also been a guest presenter on innovative teaching and learning practice at a number of schools across NSW.

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