Kelly Bailey, Secondary teacher, Glenvale School

Kelly Bailey, Secondary teacher, Glenvale School

Secondary teacher
Glenvale School, Vic

It’s been just over a year since Kelly Bailey began teaching at Glenvale School. Within that time, she’s led several staff activities aimed at improving teaching on campus, has enhanced curriculum to make it more engaging and has inspired her students to look at the world differently.

Bailey takes a flexible, motivating, no-nonsense approach to both life and teaching. A colleague tells The Educator that teachers like Bailey “are precious gems to be treasured”, adding that she possesses a maturity beyond her years that has been relied upon time and time again. Bailey is involved in a host of school programs and activities, from classroom teaching and staff professional development to sport and driving school buses.

But the best measure of Bailey’s contribution to the Glenvale School community has been parent feedback. Parents have consistently praised her work and commented to her superiors on the contribution she’s made to improving the school.

“I am extremely proud to have been involved in recruiting Kel to join the Glenvale team,” says her colleague, “and continue to marvel at how well she handles herself for one so young.”

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