Lian Davies, Acting principal, Bundoora Secondary College

Lian Davies, Acting principal, Bundoora Secondary College

Acting principal
Bundoora Secondary College, Vic

Lian Davies is described as a “dynamic and inspirational leader” who, in her previous role at Templestowe College, led the development and implementation of an alternate entry pathway for students into bachelor’s degree courses o­ffered by Melbourne’s Swinburne University.

Davies developed the program in partnership with the university on behalf of Templestowe College. Eight students participated in the pilot program, which was such a success that the program has now been adopted by four schools and currently involves 20 students. The program is regarded as a wonderful opportunity for students who su­ffer from debilitating exam anxiety or are unable to thrive within the VCE system to showcase their abilities in a measurable way that allows them to secure university placement.

In launching this initiative, Davies employed exemplary negotiation and communication skills with students, school staff­, parents, university staff­ and the senior leadership of the university. A colleague praises her “focused and well informed approach, calm and self-assured manner, and outstanding organisational skills and attention to detail”, all of which instilled confidence in stakeholders about this new venture.

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