Mohammed Naanouh, Science teacher, AL Sadiq College

Mohammed Naanouh, Science teacher, AL Sadiq College

Science teacher
Al Sadiq College, NSW

While Mohammed Naanouh is still in the early stages of his career, his leadership potential is already apparent to those around him. “He demonstrates the wisdom of someone who has been in the profession for far longer,” a colleague says. “I have been teaching for 28 years and during this time have not encountered a beginning teacher with the leadership potential demonstrated by Mohammed.”

In the absence of a coordinator, Naanouh took on a leadership role in his faculty that involved overseeing assessment and reporting, as well as mentoring other staff members. He has collaborated with staff from other schools to develop programs and assessment tasks for the new Stage 6 syllabus and is a contributor to a large online teachers network.

Naanouh is constantly striving to enhance his subject knowledge and professional development. In pursuit of that aim, he seeks the advice of more experienced educators and incorporates their suggestions into his pedagogy. He strives to engage his students and devise programs and activities to meet their specific needs, and his collaborative approach has inspired other faculty members to do the same.

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