Free Whitepaper: Expense Management Pack for Schools

Free Whitepaper: Expense Management Pack for Schools

For schools, managing finances and expenditure are crucial yet often under-supported tasks. Most teachers know the pain of spending their own money on excursions and resources, only to be faced with a long, paperwork-heavy reimbursement process. This pain also extends to finance departments, which are often dealing with outdated systems relying on paper forms and receipts.

It is so easy for expense management to spiral out of control without the appropriate processes in place, and it's often difficult to know where to begin to simplify these process.

This invaluable Expense Management Pack for Schools offers you the opportunity to simplify your school's expense management processes. The exclusive pack includes:

  • A template to help you create an expense policy to highlight your schools' guidelines on paying for work-related expenses.
  • A quick expense process audit so you can better understand your school's expense policy effectiveness, compliance, and control measures.
  • A comprehensive expense process checklist to guide you to financial transparency, accountability, & compliance with financial regulations.

School financial management doesn’t have to be difficult. Download this Expense Management Pack to streamline your financial processes today!