Free Whitepaper: Why are teachers leaving the industry?

Free Whitepaper: Why are teachers leaving the industry?

There is no doubt that Australia is in the midst of a talent crisis, with reports of shortages in every state. The teacher shortage, in particular, is complex, with many longer-term causes. 

Given the drop in the number of new teachers joining the industry – which has accelerated in recent years – and more teachers heading towards retirement age, things are looking dire for the education sector. ClassCover reached out to over 120,000 educators to get to the heart of the matter. 

In this whitepaper, discover insights and actionable tips for schools to ensure they can prevent unnecessary staff turnover and minimise the impact of the teacher shortage. 

Download now and gain insight into:

  • What attracts teachers to the industry 

  • The top 6 reasons why teachers are leaving the profession 

  • The challenges educators face 

  • Confidence in subject areas and classroom management skills 

  • Actionable steps to secure your staff into the future 

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