Top private school announces new principal

Top private school announces new principal

Melbourne Girls Grammar has announced that Dr Toni E. Meath, who previously led Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, will step into the role of principal

Dr Meath will become the leading private school’s 12th principal, replacing its long-time head, Catherine Misson.

“An educator of exceptional standing, Toni is a true leader. We are excited by the balance of innovative thinking and pragmatic principles she brings from a stellar career as a wise and compassionate champion of girls’ education in Australia,” the school said in a statement today.

“Toni is renowned for fostering student voice and inspiring teachers to meet their full potential.” 

Dr Meath’s educational leadership has been recognised both nationally and internationally – most recently at the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools in Washington.

She is also a National Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL), a member of the Board of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), and a Director of the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia.

Prior to her six-year career at Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Meath was assistant principal and co-creator of Nossal High School, Victoria’s first coeducational select entry high school.

“Toni’s passion for developing the whole individual shines through in her personal warmth, wisdom and compassion. She is focussed on fostering excellence and celebrating diversity,” the school’s statement went on to say.

“This has been evidenced in her development of indigenous programs, and encouragement across the full spectrum of opportunities including sports, music and drama.”