Common traits of top Australian schools in 2023 exams

Common traits of top Australian schools in 2023 exams

As Australia’s school students sat their final exams recently, some of the most effective tools that edtech has to offer was playing a critical role in helping young people prepare for their high-stakes tests and achieve the best possible academic results.

Across NSW and Victoria, edtech platform Education Perfect has built a reputation for being a catalyst for positive change in student learning outcomes.

The New Zealand-based platform, founded in 2007 by brothers Craig and Shane Smith, has helped to reshape traditional teaching methods, providing dynamic and engaging experiences tailored to the unique needs of learners.

Today, EP is Australia and New Zealand’s leading learning, assessment and analytics platform, and is a global challenger in the EdTech sector, serving more than 5,000 schools and 1.8 million students worldwide. Recent survey results indicate that 98% of teachers agree that the organisation provides tools that adapt to the needs of every student, ultimately saving teachers time and elevating learning outcomes.

In Victoria, 19 out of the top 20 schools for the VCE use the EP platform – a trend consistent among the top 100 Victorian schools, with an impressive 88% integrating EP into their curriculum.

In NSW, the HSC results mirror this trend. Nine out of the state’s top 10 schools have incorporated the EP platform into their teaching and learning strategies and 86% of the top 100 NSW schools are leveraging EP's innovative educational tools.

In October, EP appointed Jonathan Morgan – a leader with more than 24 years of experience in operational business roles, as its new CEO. He says EP empowers students to engage with the curriculum-aligned content within the platform independently, supporting their individual learning styles and revision timetables.

“Its user-friendly interface facilitates a self-directed learning approach, enabling students to explore and absorb content at their own pace,” Jonathan Morgan CEO of Education Perfect, told The Educator.

“Real-time feedback mechanisms cultivate a sense of autonomy and inspire motivation throughout their educational journey.”

Morgan said the successful implementation of EP in schools has translated into improved academic results in the recent HSC and VCE exams.

“Educators report enhanced understanding and retention of subject matter, emphasising the platform's role in fostering deeper comprehension,” he said.

“The seamless integration of EP into the curriculum leads to heightened student engagement, increased participation, and a more profound grasp of key concepts.”

Morgan said that with EP, educators are able to leverage data-driven insights to identify areas for improvement, enabling targeted interventions for students who may require additional support.

“As schools continue to embrace the advantages of EP, the narrative of enhanced learning outcomes unfolds, underscoring the pivotal role educational technology platforms play in shaping the future of education.”