New resources help schools transition to a new curriculum

New resources help schools transition to a new curriculum

As schools adapt to the 9.0 version of the Australian Curriculum, leading edtech platform Education Perfect has updated its content library with timely and relevant resources for principals, teachers, and students.

Education Perfect, which is already aligned to version 9.0, is currently working to ensure that it will be aligned to the new NSW curriculum and version 2.0 of the Victorian Curriculum for each subject as they are released. 

Kelly Hollis, the Australian Curriculum Specialist at Education Perfect said the EP platform has been designed to pivot quickly and ensure prompt and reliable support for teachers who are navigating changes to the Curriculum.

“As a teacher in NSW schools for 13 years, I lived through a number of syllabus changes and know how stressful it can be to re-create programs and find resources to support these teaching and learning programs. EP will be doing its best to minimise the level of stress for our teachers,” Hollis said.

Hollis said updating the EP Content Library to reflect the new curriculum alignment for teachers provides a deeper understanding of what is required to ensure teachers can access the adapted resources as quickly as possible.

“To ensure that the EP Content Library reflects any changes to the syllabus, EP engages with experienced teachers to audit and realign our existing content. This also involves the identification of any gaps in the curriculum that we do not currently provide content for,” Hollis said.

“These gaps are prioritised and addressed by our Content Team through the creation of new resources that align to these specific syllabus points.”

Hollis said EP has already finalised the content alignment for NSW English and Mathematics and these are already available for teachers to and is currently working on the alignment of the new Victorian Mathematics curriculum.

The same process will take place for Science once the curriculum is finalised and released. Any further syllabus changes will also be adapted in a timely fashion,” she said.

“This will mean that teachers will have content that is relevant to the new curriculum at their disposal for planning for and implementation of the new syllabus. One of EP’s core company values is ‘Users First’.”

Hollis said it would be a disserve to teachers to not provide them with the relevant curriculum coverage that they need to deal with syllabus changes.

“As new syllabus documentation is released for other subjects as part of the ongoing NSW and Victorian Curriculum Reforms, EP will be working to stay up to date to meet the needs of our teachers and students.”