Disability discrimination – what do you need to know?

Disability discrimination – what do you need to know?

School leaders have a responsibility to provide a safe and accommodating learning environment for students with disabilities. However, many laws designed to protect students with disabilities from discrimination can become complicated when other factors are at play.

Ben Fogarty, Barrister of Denman Chambers will be discussing the issues surrounding disability discrimination in schools at the Education Law Masterclass, brought to you by The Educator.

The session will explore how schools can better balance the needs and rights of students with special needs with the safety of mainstream students, as well as providing insight into how school leaders should handle misconduct issues and complaints.

Other topics covered at the conference include school privacy risks, social media misuse and family law matters – a full event schedule is available online.

The Education Law Masterclass is designed for all senior education management professionals from principals to risk and compliance managers, head teachers and others in leadership roles.

Early Bird discounts on registration available until Friday 16 September. Find out more and register at http://law.educatoronline.com.au.