Far Out Friday: Parody-prone principal strikes again

Far Out Friday: Parody-prone principal strikes again

Snow storms certainly seem to bring out the musical side of Moses Brown School principal, Matt Glendinning.

Just a year after invoking the song ‘Let It Go’ from the animated hit film ‘Frozen’, the Rhode Island principal parodied an Adele song to announce the school would be closed last Friday.

Glendinning  sang the UK popstar’s hit single "Hello" to tell students and parents that school would be closed due to snowy conditions.

The video entitled "Hello, school is closed" featured Glendinning re-enacting scene's from Adele's music video as disappointed students learned school was out.

“You know it snowed a lot last night. Now I have to tell you not to try and come, and I am sorry students if it breaks your heart,” Glendinning sang.

Apart from being entertaining, his lyrics included important safety advice, warning parents not to drive and encouraging them to check their emails and local TV for updates on further closures.