Far Out Friday: Students help teachers get engaged

Far Out Friday: Students help teachers get engaged

A YouTube video, posted on 4 May, showed how the students helped two teachers - Jonathan Holt and Iris Holworth - get engaged.  

The video has since gone viral online, having been viewed more than 645,000 times.

On 26 April, Holt, 25, asked Holworth’s students to help him propose to her – starting with the class clown presenting a Ring Pop (a fruit flavoured lollipop) to Holworth.

“I knew it was going to be a special moment - the beginning of an epic life together - and I wanted to involve as many people as possible because the more people that can share that feeling, the more powerful it is," Holt told BuzzFeed.
He then told the other students to do the same.
To get Holworth to leave the classroom he arranged for the principal to call a (fake) meeting with her. Holt then ran into her classroom and handed out Ring Pops to the students, so they could “propose” to her.

Needless to say, there were some audible giggles when he explained his plan.

When Holworth returned from the "meeting" with the principal, the students swung into action, proposing to her en masse.

As the looked around, visibly confused, Holt entered the classroom and popped the question, to which she excitedly replied with a resounding "Yes".

As the couple walked out of the classroom, Holworth had no idea that her fiancé had one more surprise waiting – the school marching band, flanked by cheering students with balloons.

Holt thanked the school administration and the "phenomenal" students for helping make the proposal a way for them to leave behind their "legacy."

The video has also received 77 comments, with many of the viewers congratulating the couple.

YouTube users “Shhreenny G”, Michelle Martinez, Hristiyana Slavova and Linsey Matthews commented that the video was "sweet" and "adorable." One of the users, Jenny Nguyen-Don, said that they'd definitely be one of the "cool teachers" now.

Another user joked about a conversation with his wife after they watched the video together. She told him that's how a proposal is supposed to be and he should've have done that.

He replied, "Babe, you're not a teacher."