Govt seeks help of public to improve education system

A campaign for public support to help shape the future of the education system has been launched by the Victorian state government as part of a two-month consultation process made official following the release of discussion papers.

Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, said the views of teachers, principals, school council members, students, parents, carers, businesses and community groups would be sought and the two-month consultation would also test the development of specific targets for education system.

“The dedication of our teachers, principals, parents, carers and students makes our education system strong,” Andrews said in a statement.

“But with the accelerating pace of change in our economy, we need to think differently.

We’re inviting every Victorian to have their say about their education system and their future.”

Victoria’s Minister for Education, James Merlino, said the state government would work hard to deliver the quality education that the state’s students and families deserved.

“We owe nothing less to Victoria’s students and families than access to a great government school, excellent learning and teaching in every classroom and the promise of a bright future for every child,” Merlino said.

The initiative has been welcomed as a positive development following scathing testimonies from the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC), which revealed a culture of bullying and entitlement within the state’s education department.

Minister for Training and Skills, Steve Herbert, said the state needs a stable training system that meets the needs of business, industry and the community, and which is internationally recognised as a source of high-quality, job-ready graduates.