How schools can become employers of choice

How schools can become employers of choice

Great staff are in demand. The education marketplace is competitive, not only for student enrolments but for attracting and retaining quality staff. In a competitive environment where demand exceeds supply, great teachers, leaders and support staff can pick and choose where they will work.

Schools need to become Employers of Choice to retain, attract and compete for talented staff. Demand for quality teachers and leaders is high and will continue to grow. Demand is already exceeding supply.

Being an ‘Employer of Choice’ simply means becoming an employer who potential and existing employees want to work for, over and above others in the same marketplace, industry or geographic region.

Teaching is demanding. Engaging, managing and motivating today’s students requires high levels of skill, energy and intellect. As a result of growing up in a digital age, many of today’s students have shorter attention spans, expect all the ‘bells and whistles’ of a full production and demand immediate, personalised attention. That’s not easy in a traditional school environment with finite resources.

Demand for dedicated educators who are positive, enthusiastic and dedicated team players is high. Staff of this calibre have a range of employment options and can almost choose which school they would like to work at. When the salaries offered are likely to be comparable, other factors come into consideration.

If you can adopt a strategy that develops your school’s reputation as an "Employer of Choice" then you will find people are coming to you, wanting to work for your school and putting the choices in your hands. This can put your school in a powerful position!

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