How to improve student outcomes with EdTech

How to improve student outcomes with EdTech

Educational technology (EdTech) tools are flooding the market, and many of them show great potential - particularly in supporting students with diverse learning needs. However, in a crowded market, it can be difficult to identify the best approach for your classroom.

To address these challenges, Education Perfect is hosting a webinar featuring Australian Curriculum specialist Kelly Hollis. She will be discussing how to select the best EdTech tools for your students’ needs, and how EdTech can help teachers to deepen student relationships and personalise their learning.

Education Perfect solutions consultant Ryan Besgrove says the key aim of the webinar is to help educators understand the EdTech tools available, and how to get the best return on investment. Webinar attendees will also hear from Baradene College’s heads of English and Science, who will discuss their Education Perfect experience and offer practical insights.

“One of the biggest challenges for educators is balancing staff shortages with introducing new systems to help support everyone in their roles,” Besgrove says.

“Education leaders need to be aware of what systems are out there, what they offer, and to not be afraid to ask hard questions of education partners. They need your feedback about your struggles as much as you need them to support you in solving your evolving challenges.”

Besgrove highlights that COVID-19 lockdowns really uncovered what impacted student learning outcomes, and what didn’t. EdTech providers have since taken those lessons on board, and he says schools need to be careful not to “fall into the trap” of repeating exactly what they did before lockdown.

“Some continued with the positives they started during remote learning,” Besgrove comments.

“But the schools that enjoyed the most success were the ones that took note of their practices pre-remote learning that had no meaningful impact on student outcomes, and replaced these with what worked well during remote learning. Our webinar will help you shape your processes as your needs evolve.”

The Education Perfect webinar will run on 6th June at 11am AEST. To find out more and register, click here.