Inspiring professional development for Australian educators

Inspiring professional development for Australian educators

With a growing number of reports showing that Australia’s principals and teachers are leaving the profession, or thinking about leaving, education departments are scrambling to find solutions.

Perhaps the biggest contributing factor to the school workforce shortages Australia is experiencing is the burnout driven by unsustainable workloads, and the feeling by many teachers and leaders that they are not being adequately supported.

One conference that aims to connect teachers and leaders with the support and professional development they’ve been crying out for is the National Education Summit Australia.

Now in its eighth year, the Summit aims to provide the highest standard of professional development across key themes in the K-12 education sector and to ensure that participants have the latest, most innovative and relevant learnings to build their capacity as educators.

“The teaching landscape is changing fast, and Australian teachers are facing complex challenges,” Marie Kinsella, CEO of the IEC Group – the organisers of the National Education Summit – told The Educator.

“From the adoption of new technologies into the classroom, the focus on sustainability, and the growing need for classrooms that are as diverse as the students inside them, teachers are under pressure to stay up to date with the latest shifts in education outcomes and best practices.”

Kinsella said the Summit offers “a comprehensive programme that speaks to the complexity of the work that our teachers do.”

“The programs offer teachers a line-up of five individual conferences, presented by over 100 leading educational specialists. Each conference is focused on a key pillar, including diverse learners, well-being, libraries, AI, sustainability in schools, as well as the Classroom of the Future,” she said.

“Alongside the conferences, there are free workshops and a free trade expo [The Education Show] which brings together over 100 exhibitors, showcasing the latest educational resources, products, technologies, programs and tools.”

Kinsella said registration has both free and paid options, making this Summit accessible for all schools.

“In addition, attending teachers will earn professional development points for the time they spend at the Summit,” she said.

The Summit will take place in two cities this year, giving a greater number of teachers the opportunity to engage with thought leaders in education, and develop new skills. It will be held at both the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 14 -15 June, and then at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 2-3 August 2024.

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