New partnership aims to improve literacy, numeracy outcomes in Catholic schools

New partnership aims to improve literacy, numeracy outcomes in Catholic schools

Global education technology company Texthelp has announced a new partnership with the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC), as part of the celebration of the Bicentenary of Catholic education campaign in Australia.

Through the partnership, Texthelp will offer Catholic educational institutions and dioceses new licensing deals of Texthelp’s suite of literacy (Read&Write), numeracy (EquatIO) and assistive technology software, to help improve reading, writing and numeracy outcomes for the 770,000+ students currently enrolled in Catholic education.

Texthelp is already working with a number of Australia’s leading dioceses including the Lismore Diocese, The Diocese of Darwin and The Archdiocese of Hobart, among others.

Greg O'Connor, Head of Education, Asia-Pacific at Texthelp, said that as the dust has started to settle from the COVID-19 lockdowns, many educators have realised the potential long-term benefits of incorporating education technology tools into the classroom.

"We've known for some time that the new generation of students need to be armed with a range of digital skills if they are to excel when they leave school,” O’Connor told The Educator.

“So, if anything, the silver lining of lockdowns is that it has given students an opportunity to grow their digital skills – it’s just been accelerated by five or ten years. We need all our classrooms to be digitally enabled across our country if we are going to get the job done”.

O’Connor said the partnership with NCEC is an important example of how education technology and equity of access can help level the field and give their students a competitive edge.

“Now the real work starts to make sure all students have access to these digital tools to build those crucial digital skills,” he said.

O’Connor said Texthelp will also be participating in a number of promotional activities and initiatives as part of the new campaign, including joint speaking engagements at major NCEC events and other opportunities.