New partnership takes aim at digital skills gap

New partnership takes aim at digital skills gap

A recent report by McKinsey estimates 87% of today’s jobs in Australia now require digital literacy - yet this is a skill that is sorely lacking among many school-aged students.

Recognising this, a major VET provider and a global tech giant have teamed up to upskill students in this critical area and prepare them for what experts agree will be a heavily automated future workforce.

TAFE NSW, which recently became the first VET provider in Australia to achieve the status of Adobe Creative Campus, will work with Adobe to provide students and employees with access to a suite of tools for graphic design, video editing, web development and photography, including applications such as Express, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

“As an Adobe Creative Campus, TAFE NSW joins an exclusive group of global education providers who share a commitment to ensuring students and employees have the digital literacy skills required in today’s digital world,” TAFE NSW Director Media, Art, Design & Entertainment, Richard Cass said.

“Digital literacy isn’t something limited to technological occupations, it’s something that all Australians need for the workplace of the future – and this partnership is helping set our students up for success in their career.”

Cass said access to innovative and creative technologies is helping to “transform classrooms, improve collaboration and efficiency in the workforce, and opening doors for new and exciting educational opportunities.”

‘Creativity isn’t for the select few’

TAFE NSW Head Teacher of Photography, Screen and Media, and Games Development, Craig Daalmeijer-Power said he has seen first-hand the positive impact on student outcomes that come through being an Adobe Creative Campus.

“It’s a great opportunity to not only be the first vocational education and training provider to achieve the status of Adobe Creative Campus, but also to be able to further help students excel their digital literacy skills and enhance their employability and creativity,” Daalmeijer-Power said.

“Creativity isn’t for the select few but is an essential skill that allows for the development of ideas, improved productivity, and looking at challenges from new and innovative perspectives. By unlocking access to digital literacy and creativity, we can help meet the skills needs of businesses across the state.”

Director for Strategic Initiatives in Higher Education at Adobe, Sebastian Distefano said Digital Literacy and Creativity emerge as the cornerstone skills for the modern workforce in the age of Generative AI.

“These abilities enable students to harness the transformative power of AI, and those adept in these skills will lead the charge shaping the future. I am thrilled to witness the transformative partnership between Adobe and TAFE NSW, marking a significant leap forward in digital literacy and creative education across New South Wales,” Distefano said.

“By integrating Adobe’s cutting-edge tools into TAFE NSW’s curriculum, we are setting a new standard for educational excellence, ensuring students are not only career-ready but also equipped to lead with innovation and creativity in a digital-first world.”