New wearable tech keeps students COVID-Safe

New wearable tech keeps students COVID-Safe

While Australia has managed to ‘flatten the curve’ and prevent further outbreaks of COVID-19, the government is not resting on its laurels, and has urged the continuation of contact tracing where isolated infections are occurring.

Paying very close attention to any COVID-19-related developments are Australia’s schools, which have seen multiple closures throughout the year due to teachers and students contracting the contagious disease.

To help schools manage the risk of further outbreaks, Australian contact tracing technology, Contact Harald are currently participating in an Australia-first COVID-19 contact tracing trial at Firbank Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia.

The trial sees students and staff activate a wearable card records and stores interactions that last over two minutes and within a 1.5 metre radius.

If a student or staff member declares symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, only the recorded users in close proximity to the suspected or confirmed case will be sent an SMS and email via the secure Contact Harald database, which is owned and administered by the school. A parent or guardian of any participant under the age of 16 years will receive the notification.

“The program is a welcome relief for our students so they can get back to their studies with the confidence that their wellbeing is our number one priority,” Leandra Turner, deputy principal and head of senior school at Firbank Grammar School, said.

“By providing our Year 10 students and teachers with a physical reminder that they are being kept safe, we hope to dispel any sort of fear that may be felt and get back to creating a productive, passionate and considerate environment for learning”.

Director of Health and Product at Contact Harald, Elissa Reid, said contact Harald is the “only complete and reliable solution” currently available that allows those to return to work and school safely.

“We need Teachers and School Administration to focus on the health, safety and well-being of students transitioning back to on-campus learning and not be wasting valuable time on manual contact tracing measures,” Reid said.

“Contact Harald is built from best practice, simple and smart technology to map, manage and minimise the impact of outbreaks for schools and businesses alike”.