One small step for principals, one giant L.E.A.P for education leadership

What do all successful principals around the world share in common?

While many strategies and attitudes adopted by principals around the world may differ (sometimes wildly), there are always some that are universal in contributing towards a successful school.

School mottos built on attributes such a conscientious work ethic, high self-esteem and teamwork can be found almost everywhere. While these positive values might appear on the school crest, they may not always be instilled within the school’s students. 

To help resolve this issue and improve their school’s overall performance, some principals have dared to go outside their communities to explore some of the ways in which their peers around the country (and overseas) are making their schools successful. 
One organisation that has helped principals do this is the peer-shadowing program Leading Educators Around the Planet (LEAP).

LEAP is an international leadership program that allows principals, deputy-principals and senior education officers all over the world to share and learn from one another’s leadership strategies.

The Educator spoke with LEAP director Warren Marks to see what inspired the idea behind the program.

“The idea behind LEAP was to give access to a greater number of people to have an international experience than bureaucracies are able to provide,” Marks said.

“The aim is to link principals and school leaders internationally with each other and have that as an ongoing expanding program.”

Since its inception, the program has enjoyed growth into other parts of the world where school principals are eager to network with one another and share their ideas.

“The program originally started a few years ago in Ontario and has now spread to three provinces in Canada, two locations in the UK, and next year Scotland and Ireland come on board. Finland came on board last year.” Marks added.
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