Parents camp outside prestigious school

Parents camp outside prestigious school
Desperate parents have camped outside one of Brisbane’s most prestigious schools in an effort to secure a place for their children.

Ascot State School accepts any student who lives inside the catchment zone, but for those living outside the area, only a small number of spots remain.

Because of this, several parents set up tents outside the school while others slept in their cars, waiting for the school gates to open on Monday morning.

So what makes the school so popular?

Chairman of the Ascot State School Council, Sarah Comiskey, said the school’s culture and staff play a big role.

“Ascot State School is a sought after school because it has a strong leadership team, great staff, a hard-working P&C and progressive thinking school council that are all dedicated to one ideal – improving student learning,” she told The Educator.

“Ascot’s P&C works hard to raise money to: ensure our children are given chances to do extraordinary things; give our teachers amazing support and ensuring the school is well resourced with equipment and facilities.”

Comiskey said the school creates a positive community by having all parties pursue a common goal.

“Our school community is one where we have happy teachers, which leads to happy students which lead to happy families. This is what makes Ascot special,” she said.

Comiskey said 12 families camped outside the school this year but said this wasn’t the largest campout she had seen.

“I have seen 30 families camp out one particular year. They spread out and camped on the oval,” Comiskey said.

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