Principals to get nationally recognised certification

Principals to get nationally recognised certification

Principals Australia Institute (PAI) has developed the Australian Principal Certification Program based on the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.

The model for assessment has been created by the profession, for the profession and will be launched in the coming months for practising principals and aspiring principals.

The Australian Professional Standard for Principals sets out what principals are expected to know, understand and do, to achieve in their work. Principals are doing a great job carrying out a complex role in an industry critical to the future of the nation.

Quality education is essential to future national growth, with the OECD recently noting that “The quality of schooling in a country is a powerful predictor of the wealth that countries will produce in the long run” (OECD, 2015).

PAI’s recent independent market research affirms Principals support for certification with 70% of Principals supporting the model.

“This is a great step in recognising the work of Principals”, said Paul Geyer, chief executive officer, PAI.

“At present the profession does not have any way of recognising this work like other professions – e.g doctors, lawyers, accountants etc, We believe that certification will provide peer and public recognition of the outstanding work undertaken by Principals.”

Assigning a post nominal such as Certified Practicing Principal or Fellow, will drive recognition of school leaders in the wider community and a continued focus of professional development. Post nominals were unanimously recommended by Principals in the Certification trial.

Quality schools depend on recognising the strategic importance of principal leadership. Our ability to recognise and value quality professional work depends on our ability to assess it, which is where Australian Principal Certification comes in.

PAIs Certification Program is not a course or a qualification but a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates your leadership in action in your school.

Principal Australia Institute develops Australian Principal Certification Australian Principal Certification affirms the importance of quality educational leadership and strengthens the unique role of principals to improve the quality of learning and teaching in schools. It is recognition of the Australian Principal standard in action.

Certification represents the intersection of professional, personal and moral purpose. It recognises a principal’s individual status within the profession, as well as raising the status of the profession collectively.

It provides a significant reference point for principals and school leaders in their professional learning and ongoing development. For more information about Certification visit  or [email protected]