Scholarships to empower future leaders

Scholarships to empower future leaders

Financially challenged but talented Australian students are eligible for $1,500 a year to pay for education-related needs under a national ‘merit-based’ scholarship program.

The grants, which extend into tertiary studies and employment (subject to an annual review), are the work of Altitude Scholarships, a charity dedicated to fostering educational equity.

The organisation commended the recent findings of the independent review into school funding, highlighting the pressing need for comprehensive support in public schools.

"We believe that every young person, regardless of their financial background, deserves an equal opportunity for education,” Bradley Grieve, CEO of Altitude and spokesperson for the organisation, said.

“Our mission aligns seamlessly with the goals outlined in the national review, and we are committed to contributing to a more equitable educational landscape."

Currently, Altitude supports over 70 recipients in various locations, including Noosa, Newstead, Hellyer, Hobart, Sydney, Wagga Wagga, and Caloundra. The organisation aims to amplify its impact by raising awareness of the scholarships and their potential to alleviate the challenges outlined in the national school funding review.

Altitude Scholarships encourages the community to support its mission and help spread awareness of the scholarships. By doing so, individuals and businesses can actively participate in bridging the educational gap and fostering a brighter future for local young minds.

“Inequity in Australian education is a considerable limiting factor on student performance and future life opportunities,” Andrew Pierpoint, an Altitude Board member, a former State School Secondary Principal, said.

“I am very hopeful that this inequity in Australian education will be addressed by the Federal and State/Territory Ministers.”