School leaders meet up ignites conversation on AI and the future of learning

School leaders meet up ignites conversation on AI and the future of learning

On 8 March, Melbourne's iconic MCG set the stage for a landmark gathering of 130 school leaders across the Greater Melbourne area dedicated to reimagining the future of education.

The Toddle School Leaders Meet Up was a rare opportunity for educational sectors to meet, collaborate and network together to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in shaping learning landscapes across Australia.

At the heart of the event was a keynote presentation by renowned thought leader Jan Owen, who provided insightful commentary on the evolving needs of education and the skills gap perpetuated by traditional assessment methods like the ATAR system.

“With 75% of students using ATAR scores for future employment pathways, there’s a pressing need for a system that cultivates thriving in learning, work, and community settings,” Owen said, highlighting global examples of skill-based learning and entrepreneurship.

Adding a dynamic element to the meet-up, a live recording of the EdLeaders Podcast featured Luke Callier in a vibrant Q&A session, further exploring the themes Owen presented. The discussions pivoted around the practical applications of AI in learning, a topic that Dr Tim O’Leary and a panel of leading Australian school educators expanded upon. This panel discussion not only underscored the potential of AI but also provided a forum for attendees to engage directly with experts on integrating AI within their educational contexts.

The event also celebrated the significant milestone of four years of virtual events, a tradition that commenced with the Inquiry Educator Summit during the pandemic.

Looking forward, Toddle will hold the 5th-anniversary issue of TIES – education’s top Professional Development event – on 7 September 2024, featuring celebrated educators Kath Murdoch and Zeina Chalich, alongside specialised sessions tailored to Australia’s schools.

Upcoming events in Melbourne and Sydney will demonstrate how Toddle continues to push the boundaries of what a Learning Management System can achieve, focusing on the essence of teaching and learning through innovative research and resources.

The IB School Leaders Meet Up will take place on Monday 3 June at Melbourne MCG, followed by the School Leaders Meet Up at the Sydney Opera House on Friday 21 June.

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