School’s NAPLAN letter goes viral as tests begin

School’s NAPLAN letter goes viral as tests begin

The touching letter, received by Year 3 students at St Paul's Primary School in Gracemere, told students that the NAPLAN tests “do not assess” all of what makes the students “exceptional and unique”.

“The people that score these tests don't know that some of you love to sing, are good at drawing or can teach others how to use a computer program,” stated the letter.

“They have not seen the way that some of you can dance with grace or speak confidently to a large group. They do not know that your friends count on you to be there for them when they are sad.”

The letter, composed by three teachers at the school, was uploaded to Facebook by parent, Paul Lawrie, and has now been shared over 25,000 times.

Lawrie told the Daily Mercury he found the note in his son's backpack, and wrote: "Well done to St Paul's for sending this home with the kids."

Online, the letter has been hailed as "great", "brilliant", "thoughtful" and "lovely", and a reminder that "a child is so much more than a NAPLAN test".

One million students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are sitting the NAPLAN tests in schools across the country today, starting with two tests - one in language conventions and the other in writing.

The reading component follows on Wednesday and numeracy on Thursday.

The annual test helps parents and teachers monitor student progress in literacy, numeracy and reading, as well as how well they have achieved over time.