Scientists offer to help students pass their HSC exams

Scientists offer to help students pass their HSC exams

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology (ANSTO) has invited science teachers to register their students to connect with some of the nation’s leading physicists online to prepare for their upcoming final exams.

Rod Dowler, team leader at the ANSTO Discover Centre, said that, with HSC trial exams now underway in New South Wales and final exams just several weeks away for most of the country, it’s vital that Year 12 Students continue their engagement to cement their understanding of science’s most important concepts.

“This cohort has been forced to overcome extraordinary adversity over the past two years, which is why we want to do everything we can to support them reaching the finish line,” Dowler said.

After the teacher fills out a simple registration process, ANSTO will host groups of students on Zoom to answer any questions they might have on areas of ANSTO’s expertise.

Through the ANSTO Discovery Centre, the team at the Lucas Heights facility in NSW can assist teachers and Year 12 students across the country tackle the complex theory behind thermal, nuclear, and electrical physics from the Australian Curriculum, as well as any work from respective state-based curriculums.

“The hardest part for students in lockdown is working things out for themselves,” said Julie Mullholland, education officer at ANSTO. “Collaboration is a vital part of the scientific process, without it, students will not be able to progress through the curriculum, so we’re encouraging Year 12 science teachers to register where they can.”