Sitting students struggle to succeed – study

Sitting students struggle to succeed – study

Students can benefit from moving from a sitting position to standing while studying, new research shows.

The study, by the Blue Earth Foundation – an organisation which runs an annual campaign called ‘Move More Sit Less’ – shows that remaining seated for a prolonged period of time while studying can have a range of negative health impacts.

This message is a particularly concerning one for schools as most of Australia’s 500,000 Year 11 and 12 students will spend up to 461 hours a week sitting down to study.

“It doesn’t leave much time for relaxation, sport or exercise that is so important to young people’s physical well-being,” said Cardiologist David Blusztein.

“With just a few months to go before exams start, now is the time when students will start cramming and studying longer than ever.”

Blusztein said that with textbooks now mostly online, the concern around heavy school bags has now shifted from issue steaming from weight bearing to too much sitting.

Blue Earth Foundation, CEO, Wendy Gillett, agrees.

“We know that office workers benefit from standing desks, saying moving more and sitting less in the office makes them feel happier, healthier and more productive,” Gillett said.

“Students can also benefit from moving from a sitting position to standing while studying.”

Varidesk is one company that offers a range of sit-stand desks that can be adjusted with ease. The desks have been found to increase concentration, reduce back pain, lower blood pressure and boost metabolism.

Year 12 student, Andy Den, says that with exams looming she expects she will be studying 4 hours every night after school and more on weekends.

“I’ve found moving from a sitting to a standing position while studying can really break it up and keep me focused. I have also noticed I have had some lower back pain over the past few months,” Den said.