Students furious over principal’s party ban

Students furious over principal’s party ban

A Queensland high school has sent a letter to parents asking them to prevent end-of-year parties, including a ‘walk out’ ceremony planned for today, from going ahead.

Palm Beach Currumbin State High School is concerned that the events could place students at risk because they carry “a message of under-age drinking and drug dealing”.

The school’s executive principal, Stephen Loggie, declined to answer direct questions about the punishment facing students but said the school enforced a behaviour code.

“Our school works proactively with students and families to ensure that the risks associated with an ‘after school party’ are understood and all students and caregivers understand their commitments under our responsible behaviour code,” he told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Head of Senior School, Blair Hanna, wrote to parents, urging them to keep their children away from the parties.

“We reiterate that our school community does not support ‘After Parties’ and their message of under-age drinking and drug dealing,” she wrote.

“I urge you to ensure that your young person is not put at risk by allowing them to attend any under-age ‘after parties’.”

The school added that parents supplying alcohol to a child could face fines of up to $9,424.

“The formal school events will take place at the Gold Coast Convention Centre between the hours of 5pm and 10.30pm. Any activities outside of these hours are not endorsed nor condoned by PBC,” it said.

The move has angered students, who had been looking forward to celebrating the end of the school year with their peers.

“It’s is ridiculous it is happening — every year students have parties and now we are not allowed,” one student told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“They are cancelling all our events our grade has made because they are just worried about their reputation,” said another.

“They have cancelled all our events and no student is happy with what they have done. We are finishing 12 years of school and they are ruining all our celebrations.”

The students have since drafted a letter for parents to send back to the school, expressing support for the celebrations.