What great school leaders do differently

What great school leaders do differently

In October this year, a conference will bring together several globally renowned thought leaders in education who will share their expertise and address the biggest challenges that school leaders are facing in 2019 and beyond.

The 2019 ACEL National Conference, which is being held between 2-4 October in Sydney, will highlight the importance of both “Vision and Voice” in Setting the Learning Agenda.

Over three days, topics such as effective leadership, collaborative engagement, accessing student and staff voice, and developing deep learning practices will be discussed, and complemented by panel discussions, student performances, book signings and networking opportunities.

Dr Todd Whitaker – professor of educational leadership at the University of Missouri and professor emeritus at Indiana State University – has spent his life pursuing his love of education by researching and studying effective teachers and principals. At the conference, he will be speaking on ‘what great leaders do differently’

“This will centre on specific things that the best leaders do that others do not, and this is so essential because everything comes down to leadership,” Dr Whitaker told The Educator.

“For example, when things go well, it is the leader; when things do not go so well it, is the leader. The session will centre on the specific things that separates the very best leaders from everyone else.”

Dr Whitaker said great leaders make every decision “based on the best people in an organisation”.

“The very best people have a big picture focus and they want everyone to be successful. Others often want themselves to be successful without as much consideration to others and the organisation,” he said.

“Great leaders as also visionary and highly effective communicators. Additionally, they differentiate how they lead based on situation, circumstance and the people involved. They also understand that the key to having a great school is people, not programs.”

Dr Whitaker said the biggest challenge education currently faces is that there are “not enough truly outstanding people”.

“That is why it is essential that leaders encourage, recruit, retain and teach everyone how to become like the very best teachers in the school. In every school there are teachers that have determined how to reach all learners.” He explained.

“The challenge of a leader is to determine the best way to help everyone in their school accomplish this same level of excellence.”

For more information about the ACEL’s 2019 National Conference please click here.