University offers full architecture scholarships

University offers full architecture scholarships

Bond University, in partnership with three of Queensland’s largest construction firms, has announced that it is granting full scholarships to students seeking a Master of Architecture degree.

A total of five scholarships at the University’s prestigious Abedian School of Architecture will be made possible through funding from Condev Construction, Homecorp Constructions and an anonymous donor.

The inaugural Master of Architecture Scholarships are open to both domestic and international students, and will commence in either the September 2020 semester or the January 2021 semester.

Students who will qualify for the scholarships will have the benefit of gaining valuable first-hand experience from industry professionals through various mentorship and internship opportunities.

Professor Chris Knapp, Head of the Abedian School of Architecture, expressed gratitude for the companies’ generous support, especially during the current economic climate.

“The alignment of our Abedian School of Architecture with construction industry partners is a sign of the important evolution of architects and builders collaborating to achieve a built environment of the highest quality,” he said.

“Our program, which emphasises learning architectural practice through the use of cutting-edge fabrication and robotic technologies, is well-placed to help drive construction industry innovation, and will position our students to acquire a breadth of knowledge from these partners that would not otherwise be possible.”

Professor Knapp added that the partnership’s main goal was “to create future architects that are, critically, both masterful designers and intelligent builders.”

Steve Marais, Condev Construction Managing Director, said the scholarships will provide a “unique opportunity” for students looking to pursue a career in the construction industry.

“[W]e want to give students a leg-up in degrees they are passionate in pursuing but may not have the financial means necessary,” he said.

“Contributing to Bond’s full-fee scholarship program for a Master of Architecture degree is our way of supporting the bright minds of the future, in the hope that they will someday be the new leaders in the construction industry.”

Rod Bakir, CEO and Founder of Homecorp Constructions, expressed appreciation in taking a supportive role in the education of future architects.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of helping our younger generation flourish in this creative and inspiring industry,” he said.

Professor Derek Carson, Executive Dean of Bond’s Faculty of Society and Design, stressed the importance of industry partnerships in moulding future professionals.

“Effective, impactful, and inspirational tertiary education requires universities and industry partners to work together to ensure graduates of our programs are as best prepared as possible for the careers they aspire to,” he said.

“Working with three of Queensland’s most influential construction companies in this progressive way is both exciting and rewarding.”

Soheil Abedian, the architecture school’s patron, commended the local businesses for their continued support in providing quality education.

“It is deeply encouraging to see the increased support for Architecture scholarships from other Gold Coast businesses and I commend Condev and Homecorp, along with the anonymous donor, for their generosity in supporting education,” he said. 

“Hopefully, this will open the pathway for others to also contribute to higher education and assist our younger generation with this first step in entering the architectural world.”

Interested applicants can visit Bond’s official website for the complete details.