Best In Education 2022

Here is a roundup of the award-winning organisations and professionals featured in our Special Reports

Throughout the year, our 30-strong Intelligence Unit researches a series of Special Reports, each showcasing the top-performing education professionals and companies across a number of important categories. Over the past 12 months, 15,000 surveys have been sent to our readers across Australia. The culmination of all that reporting is our annual Best in Education digital edition.

The Best in Education recognises the education award winners from all of our special reports in 2022, which have already attracted 1.7 million online page-views between them.

This important list provides a definitive annual collection of those who have delivered outstanding results, introduced new initiatives, refined existing working practices and also acted as a source of inspiration for colleagues.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School has been recognised on the list. Head of school Julie McGonigle says, “Post lockdown, we have burst back into full existence as a learning community that is packed full of life. Delighted to be back together again, our students have reached new heights in the academic, sporting, and performing arts and service arenas. Together, we believe that we can make a transformational difference to the life of each student.” 

Also featured is Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School. Kane Bradford, head of professional practice, innovation and partnerships, commented, “Our enrollments have grown considerably in the last few years, and I think that’s in large part because of the true innovation that we are realising on the ground across all facets of our school experience.”

As a global publisher, our Intelligence Unit dedicates itself to carrying out detailed research including harnessing our wide-ranging resources to canvass industry experts and knowledgeable sources to determine who is worthy of a place on the list. This comprehensive annual guide was curated and published by The Educator.

Below is the Best in Education. We hope you enjoy discovering all of those who we believe are shining brightest and shaping the future of the education industry.


Best In Education 2022

How we choose the best 

Each year, our research team sends out thousands of surveys to the education industry, which it then follows up with phone interviews to find out just who the industry thinks is worthy of recognition. The shortlisted finalists are then put in front of our judging panel to help make a final decision on who to include.

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