anzuk Education to sponsor Educator Leaders’ Summit 2020

anzuk Education to sponsor Educator Leaders’ Summit 2020

The pace of change in the education sector continues to be a significant challenge for school leaders and principals across Australia.

In 2020, adapting to government and regulatory reforms to curriculum and funding and keeping up with new technology and teaching methods are already shaping up as key priorities for school leaders.

On 7 April, The Educator Leaders’ Summit 2020 will bring together education leaders from across the sector, allowing them to access the latest insights and best practices in schools, and helping them tackle the changes ahead.

Sponsoring the important event will be anzuk Education, founded in 2004 by the company’s current CEO Daniel Mundy and Managing Director Ben Goldsmith, initially sourcing teachers from Australia and New Zealand to work in the UK.

Anzuk Education is a leader in education recruitment services, including early childhood and executive specialties. The company also provides critical professional development events tailored to educators’ personal goals.

Below, The Educator speaks to Simon Withers, NSW State Manager of anzuk Education, about why the company has chosen to sponsor the important event.

TE: Why has anzuk Education chosen to sponsor the Educator Leaders Summit 2020?

SW: This is the first year anzuk Education have sponsored the Leaders summit. We understand that an event like this has great importance in spreading ideas and improving outcomes within Education. anzuk Education believes that growth is important for all educators, whatever stage they are at in their career, which is why we keep up to date with current trends and professional development focused on best practice, enabling us to provide career guidance to educators at all levels. Our aim is always, to provide exceptional educational experiences within schools every day.  

TE: In your view, why are events like this so important for the education sector?

SW: Events like the Leaders’ Summit are vital for our Educational Leaders to come together, collaborate and share firsthand experiences of strategies and ideas that are working, and not working, well. Sharing these experiences and gaining feedback and insights is imperative to improving performance and outcomes in schools. Hearing from trusted Leaders is reassuring and provides confidence and courage, along with the necessary ideas and strategies that have been proven to work well. It may be the encouragement needed for others to recognise the importance of adapting and embracing change in this fast-moving sector. We all share a common goal, and responsibility, to work together to strengthen teacher capacity and educational outcomes of the students in our care. Collectively we are helping shape the minds of the future.     

TE: What is the biggest impact that anzuk Education had on schools in 2019?

SW: We never underestimate the responsibility we have across education. In 2019, anzuk Education have provided a range of tailored service options for over 1,000 schools and over 5,000 educators across all sectors in Australia. We have dedicated teams delivering specific requirements ranging from executive search, permanent and contract positions to casual relief teaching. Along with supporting schools and educators in Australia, we additionally support educators and service schools in New Zealand, the UK and Wales, and the U.S.A. 

TE: Looking ahead into 2020, how will anzuk Education be building on the work it has done in Australian schools?

SW: Our responsibility to education continues to be two-fold. Servicing the daily and long term needs of our schools and providing career guidance and pathways for educators at every stage of their career. Our commitment to our schools and educators is at the heart of what we do and impacts our daily actions; this focus enables us to greatly impact educational outcomes. Each day is another opportunity for us to demonstrate the value we place on our relationships and the gratitude, we feel. In 2020, we will continue to strive to provide unparalleled service and alignment for schools and educators.