‘Lumination Learning Lab’ breaks down barriers of traditional classroom

‘Lumination Learning Lab’ breaks down barriers of traditional classroom

Leading SA Catholic girls’ school, Loreto College Marryatville has officially opened its state-of-the-art Lumination Learning Lab, welcoming students from the start of Term 2.

A growing body of research has highlighted girls in single-sex schools perform better in STEM subjects and have more confidence to engage at rates far higher than in co-ed schools.

With the opening of the Lumination Lab, Loreto will ensure its girls remain curious about STEM-based careers and are encouraged to challenge the gender stereotypes placed upon them.

For Loreto College teachers, the advanced technology of the Lab has unlocked exciting new applications to refine and enhance their pedagogical approaches, with its bespoke LeadMe software making it easy to use.

Immersing girls in their learning

The school’s principal, Dr Nicole Archard said the Lumination Lab was inspired by the need to ensure its girls can access cutting edge technology and can use it across curriculum areas and in a collaborative way.

“The Lumination Lab is a flexible space and can be utilised across the whole College from Reception to Year 12 and ensures that girls will not only have immersive learning experiences, but through the use of state-of-the-art headsets, the girls will be immersed within their learning environment,” Dr Archard told The Educator.

“Their experience will be beamed using an ultra-short-throw projector so that their peers can also see their first-person experience. LED rings demarcate the user’s safe space, matching the boundaries that the girls will see in their headset.”

Dr Archard said these immersive learning tools can be used across subject areas, allowing the school’s girls to travel the world, create their own interactive content, and break down the barriers of the traditional classroom.

“Using immersive technology our girls will gain the skills they need to thrive in their future careers: from technician skills to critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, communication and collaboration.”

With the purchase of every Lab comes educational and ICT support, says Shai Coggins, Lumination Learning Design Lead.

“Every school is assigned a Lumination Learning Designer who leads school educators through professional development training. The school also gets access to our Lumination Education Centre platform, which includes lesson plans and further training, setting teachers up for success.”   

Dr Archard said Loreto is continuing to pave the way for girls to propel themselves into careers in STEM, holding true to the school’s title as one of Australia’s Most Innovative School’s and in line with its award-winning strategic plan.

"As a future looking school, Loreto College strives to cultivate a learning environment that empowers our girls to explore traditionally male-dominated STEM subjects,” Dr Archard said.

“The Lumination Learning Lab will assist us in achieving our mission to set our students up for real-word success through robust critical thinking skills, curiosity, creativity, and confidence.”

Future-gazing, Dr Archard imagines the classroom of 2030 will see a “continuous breakdown of what constitutes a traditional classroom”.

“The notion of four walls and a table and chair for every child will evolve to become a place where learning can happen anywhere, at any time, with flexibility and the use of technology being at the heart of all learning experiences.”

Regular timetabled Loreto College Lumination Lab classes for students will officially commence from late May.