New program helps young people take control of social media dilemmas

New program helps young people take control of social media dilemmas

A recent survey conducted by the Office the eSafety Commissioner found that more than two-fifths of young people (44%) experienced something negative online over the course of six months ending in September 2020.

The study also revealed that three-quarters of respondents felt there were information gaps, not only on how to address their own bad experience, but also how to support others going through the same incidents.

According to the International Social Media Association (ISMA) Youth Council, young people are being overwhelmed by social media, without the skills or knowledge to support their engagement and address concerns around bullying, safety, privacy or self-image.

To tackle this issue, ISMA has announced a new program, called ‘Take Control’, which provides young people, parents and teachers with the tools and framework to deal with social media issues in the most positive way.

The first Take Control event will be held May 4, during Privacy Awareness Week, and will consist of round table discussions, led by ISMA Youth Council Chair Ness Song.

Song said principals who support the Take Control campaign will be seen as school and community leaders who are in touch with some real critical issues.

“They will be helping to create a safe environment for their students and parents to communicate and understand how to manage the impact of daily social media interactions on their safety and wellbeing,” Song told The Educator.

Each principal will receive a complimentary subscription to the ISMA Take Control Services which provides access to relevant monthly content and tips written by subject matter experts.

“Their school will also get three month’s complimentary use of the Educator Impact Pulse App, which is the leading wellbeing and culture platform for schools”.