AERO announces collaboration to boost professional learning research

AERO announces collaboration to boost professional learning research

The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) is collaborating with the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) as part of its continuous efforts to deliver knowledge that will improve the delivery and accessibility of professional learning.

The collaboration will involve an examination of a “new, more accessible” delivery approach for ANLF’s professional learning, which includes the Early Language and Literacy (EL&L) program, an evidence-based framework equipping teachers with strategies for developing children’s early language and pre-literacy skills, and training on the Early Language and Literacy Development Index (ELLDI) formative tool.

In an update on the company's website, AERO said this will involve examining how changing the number of teachers/educators enrolled in ALNF’s professional learning will affect other teachers’ and educators’ knowledge and their use of evidence-based practices, in addition to exploring how these variables impact learning outcomes for children.

The collaboration will also include an investigation of the role of the educational leader and how they can lead collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, AERO added.

Overall, the study will evaluate whether the “trialled delivery approach” is an effective method to upskill early childhood teachers and educators.

“Findings will inform practical guidance on the design and delivery of professional learning programs so that professional learning can be delivered in way that enables more early childhood educators and teachers to participate and develop their evidence-based practices,” AERO said.

AERO and ALNF will conduct their study at early childhood services in Western Sydney this year and report findings the following year.

"AERO is working to establish research collaborations with other education systems and sectors as well as professional learning providers."