"Enough is enough!": New party to fight for fairer education system

"Enough is enough!": New party to fight for fairer education system

A group of prominent educators and parents have launched a new political party to “provide a clear and rational voice on behalf of the broad public education communities” across the state.

The ‘Fairer Education NSW’ party hopes to present candidates to contest seats in the Legislative Council of the NSW Parliament at the 2023 state election, is pushing for a curriculum that properly addresses the needs of students and guarantees appropriate support and resourcing for the institutions that support them.

Party president, Cheryl McBride OAM is a long-term principal who has based her career in some of the largest disadvantaged schools across southwest Sydney. Throughout her career, McBride has undertaken leading advocacy roles, and campaigned with parent and teacher groups, to promote improvement, excellence and equity for all students in NSW educational facilities

The party’s objectives include a fairly resourced education system that will deliver increased learning outcomes for all students; a relevant and challenging curriculum that can be accessed by all students taught by appropriately qualified teachers; and for all levels of the education system, from early childhood to tertiary, to be led by accomplished, qualified educators.

Fairer Education NSW president, Cheryl McBride, that while there have been some gains in recognition, resources and funding for public schools, “the advocacy by key education alliances has not been sufficient to prevent erosion of the integrity and reputation of education in NSW”. 

“False and misleading dialogue emanating from public figures, including members of Parliament, combined with impractical suggestions around the new curriculum, have destroyed the public’s faith,” McBride said.

“The current urgency of the situation encourages us to seek an independent, political platform to support and prioritise NSW Education, in particular schools, TAFEs and universities.”

McBride said the party’s candidates will provide “an informed and dedicated voice” in the NSW Parliament to ensure that all state educational institutions are equitably funded. 

“This is a unique opportunity to increase learning outcomes for all children, young people and mature age students, and to ensure continuous improvement of the curriculum. Knowledgeable, skilled and analytical students become capable, contributing citizens in a great society.”