How AI chatbots are transforming school communication

How AI chatbots are transforming school communication

In any school, prompt and clear communication is key, but when it comes to addressing issues that impact the entire campus, effective communication is even more critical.

With a robust whole-of-school communication system in place, principals can respond quickly and efficiently to issues that arise, minimising disruption to learning and creating a safer, more harmonious environment for students and staff.

Since 1994, Soprano Design has been helping Australian schools do this by providing tools to inform, update and educate parents on everything they need to know, creating a community of parent and child connection throughout their education. 

In collaboration with education departments, the platform enables critical communication between schools and students, teachers and families. These communications range in type, whether it be informing parents of a nearby flood that’s affecting access to schools or advising of a fire on campus.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, schools were using Soprano Design’s platform to communicate crucial information such as campus closures due to an outbreak of the virus among students or staff.

Emerging opportunities

Soprano Design’s APAC regional sales director, Matthew Rawbone, said educators often rely on web portals, or even mail, to share report cards and educational outcomes with students’ families, but rapid advancements in technology are allowing schools to speed up this process.

“Integrating conversational AI, chatbots, and omnichannel messaging in schools allows parents to access their students' academic progress and daily curriculum in real-time,” Rawbone told The Educator.

“Facilitating this access and insight into the teacher’s initiatives will enable a truly collaborative and holistic approach, driving positive outcomes for the students.”

Looking ahead, Rawbone sees “enormous opportunity” to further facilitate the creation of a highly involved community between parents, teachers and students in schools.

“This includes a chatbot where loved ones can find out the day of their student’s play or parents receiving a text when their student wins an award for showing kindness at recess. The options are limitless,” he said.

“Children benefit from consistent messaging and education whether at school or at home, because the lines of communication are clear and open, allowing a collaborative atmosphere for all involved. Soprano hopes to be part of this shift in communication.”