New figures reveal “truly alarming” teacher shortages across NSW

New figures reveal “truly alarming” teacher shortages across NSW

New figures show that worsening teacher shortages are having a huge impact on students across NSW.

According to figures provided to Parliament and reported by the Sunday Telegraph, classes are being combined on scale previously unheard of, while students are being subjected to minimal supervision on hundreds of occasions due to growing teacher shortages.

NSW Teachers Federation President Angelo Gavrielatos said the findings were “truly alarming”.

“The Government needs to pack away the spin and tell the truth – schools across NSW are in crisis. It is a stark reminder of why teacher shortages must be addressed as a matter of urgency,” Gavrielatos said.

“We've had Government report after Government report, we've had inquiry after inquiry, three days ago, there was another Government report that said that unless we lift salaries and address workloads, we will not be able to attract the teachers we need.”

Gavrielatos said the Government “knows the causes and therefore, by definition, the solution to the teacher shortage.”

“The Government is trying to cover-up the teacher shortage crisis because it is refusing to act on its root causes: unsustainable workloads and uncompetitive salaries. Teachers and parents want action on the classroom crisis - not cover-ups,” he said.

Gavrielatos said senior Department of Education officials are now “attempting to censor” principals from advising parents on the severity and the impact of the teacher shortage on students’ learning.

“They seem more concerned about the embarrassment it would cause the Minister, which is unprecedented,” he said.

“Teaching is a profession based on trust and integrity and, sadly, our leaders are not displaying either of those qualities.”

The NSW Secondary Principals Council, and the NSW Primary Principals Association, have been contacted for comment.