New resources help teachers flex their creative muscles

New resources help teachers flex their creative muscles

Beginning a new school year off the back of unprecedented disruption is a daunting reality for teachers.

A major survey of parents found that 1.25 million Australian students have fallen behind due to the school closures triggered by the pandemic. On top of this, many educators continue to feel swamped by massive workloads associated with the changes to teaching and learning brought on by COVID-19.

To help schools ease into Term 1, a global online design platform Canva for Education has released a plethora of new learning tools and resources that will help set them up for success new year.

The tools include a wide selection of templates helping teachers bring their classrooms to life through themed classroom decor kits, hosting engaging and collaborative learning activities with a collection of group work templates; and building strong connections students through engaging icebreaker activities.

Carly Daff, Director of Product for Canva for Education, said the resources are not only effective communication tools for teachers and their students, supporting both in-person and virtual learning environments, but it’s also a “must-have” for principals.

With the plethora of templates available on the platform, it makes it easy for the administration team within schools to create and share beautifully designed collateral and communique with prospective and current parents, Board members, key external stakeholders (like local business leaders and government officials) and most importantly, staff,” Daff told The Educator.

“From presentations, newsletters and enrollment and employment documents, through to P&C announcements and marketing materials, Canva for Education is a powerful creative platform that allows school personnel – from an educational or managerial perspective - to create their own high-quality and professional content, in-house, with ease”.

Daff said the fact that the resources are free means that principals don’t need to have any budgetary discussions.

“Principals have enough on their plate as it is, and don’t need the added worry around the efforts or hassle required when adding another edtech tool into the school resource hub,” she said.

“Canva for Education offers peace of mind. Integrating with the schools’ single sign on provider, or with Microsoft Teams or Google, through being both secure and privacy aware with a NERA report from the NSIP available for review, the platform allows for a seamless integration into the school’s pre existing suite of tools.”