Revealed: Australia’s Most Influential Educators of 2023

Revealed: Australia’s Most Influential Educators of 2023

In March, The Educator began the hunt for the influential professionals who have had the strongest impact in creating a reformative teaching and learning culture in the last 18 months.

Participation in The Educator's Most Influential Educators 2023 report – proudly supported by Positive Education School's Association (PESA) – provides a wealth of opportunity for leaders looking to build their professional profile as it is a clear affirmation of a candidate’s focused work and dedication to rising above the unique challenges that facing Australia’s education sector.

Between March 6-31, The Educator received a large number nominations for the Most Influential Educators list, along with details of nominees’ extensive achievements and contributions to the profession.

The final list consisted of 45 educators and other professionals who delivered specific outcomes that significantly influenced the Australian education industry.

Below are some of this year’s Most Influential Educators of 2023.


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