University of Sydney still Australia's best business school

University of Sydney still Australia

The University of Sydney continues to defend its title as Australia’s leading business school after being the nation’s only university to make it into the Financial Times’ list of the world’s best business schools.

Of 100 institutions in the list, the London-based daily ranked the University fifth place worldwide for its flagship Master of Management (MMgt). UK-based Warwick Business School took first place for its MSc in Management program.

Program director, associate professor Betina Szkudlarek, said that the ranking was a “clear recognition of the University’s ability to provide “one of the strongest, most relevant and most business-oriented programs in Australia and internationally.”

“These results also indicate that our MMgt is a pathway to career success for our graduates with many of them achieving impressive employment outcomes within Australia’s leading firms and the world’s largest multinationals,” she said.

Professor Greg Whitwell, Dean of the University’s Business School, said that being named as Australia’s leading business school “reflects the quality of their flagship program”.

“To retain a position in the top 5 for the third year says a great deal about our ability to prepare students for successful careers in a dynamic and uncertain world,” he said.

“This is a testament to the quality of our academic staff and to the graduates themselves who have achieved so much in the three years following their completion of the MMgt program.”

Overall, the University of Sydney ranked 29th worldwide, sharing the spot with Belgium-based Vlerick Business School. While this proved to be a downward trend – as the University ranked 27th and 25th place in 2018 and 2017, respectively – it is still higher than its 2016 rank of 44th place.

In a three-year average, the University of Sydney ranked 32nd place.

The University also ranked ninth place in terms of international mobility, 45th worldwide for career service rank and 59th for salary percentage increase.

The rankings also listed the University’s weighted salary at US$69,402. The weighted salary refers to the average salary of the institution’s alumni three years after graduation.

The University of St Gallen in Switzerland, meanwhile, retained its rank as the best business school for its MA in Strategy and International Management program for this year.

Keeping momentum
The University of Sydney also ranked first place out of all Australian universities in the 2020 QS Global MBA Rankings for its MMgt degree, with the University of Wollongong (UOW) being the other institution to make it in the list.

In the QS Rankings, the University ‘s performance was highlighted by its high scores in class and faculty diversity.

This was likewise reflected in Financial Times’ ranking, where the University posted improvements in terms of diversity, moving a notch higher in terms of female faculty percentage and two notches higher in terms of female student percentage.

It saw the highest improvement in terms of women on board, moving 10 notches higher, followed by percentages of international faculty and international students after climbing 6 notches and 3 notches up, respectively.

Australia’s best business school in terms of inclusivity, however, goes to the UOW. Also ranked by the Financial Times, UOW’s MBA curriculum was lauded for improving gender equity as well as taking Indigenous peoples into consideration in its programs.