XVenture launches program designed to improve emotional resilience among students

XVenture launches program designed to improve emotional resilience among students

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental health and resilience programs in schools to help children cope with the disruption and uncertainty.

The need is underscored by several studies showing how COVID-19 has led to a massive decline in physical and mental wellbeing among students across the country.

One such survey, conducted recently, found that 90% of principals and 69% of parents reporting a decrease in physical activity among students due to the loss of sport. The research also revealed that 97% of principals and 69% of parents reported anxiety in children due to the uncertainty of the pandemic.

To help address this issue, a New South Wales-based team, leadership and personal development program provider has decided to offer its renowned emotional agility and resilience program used by elite sports team and businesses for free to any Australian school until the end of the year.

The XVenture Schools Program, which is facilitated by teachers from participating schools, combines “face-to-face, experiential, reflective practice, and employer integration components.” It is designed for students in Years 10 to 12 and runs for 12 to 16 weeks. In 2019, around 400 students across NSW have accessed the program.

The organisation revamped the program in late 2020 as the pandemic raged on, with the face-to-face components delivered through a school’s remote learning setting, making it accessible in an online environment.

“It’s been suggested for some time that people with higher levels of emotional agility are better leaders and better equipped to deal with change and pressure,” said Mike Conway, XVenture’s founder and the program’s creator. “Using a diagnostic tool and the students’ reflective essays, not only have we seen improved confidence and composure but also better communication and acknowledgement of their areas of development. Students have recognised they have the most powerful impact on their performance and not outside factors.”

One of the schools that benefitted from the program is Magdalene Catholic High School in Narellan.

“We have seen the positive outcome of the program in building emotional intelligence, resilience and leadership skills in students,” said Jennifer Foldes, the school’s assistant. “The program is designed using experiential learning and offers students the opportunity to work in teams collaboratively and build their social skills.”

According to XVenture, if participating schools are unable to complete the experiential team-based component on campus due to pandemic restrictions, the team will provide an online virtual reality team building program for a nominal fee.