NSW students reap benefits of tutoring program

NSW students reap benefits of tutoring program

Schools across NSW are reaping the benefits of a learning support initiative meant to help students whose learning was impacted by the pandemic.

The $337m program was launched last November to deliver free tutoring support to students across the state. The Education Department assisted schools in identifying students who would benefit the most from the program, then tailored it to suit the students’ learning requirements.

In a recent announcement, Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell confirmed that 5,417 tutors have been employed in NSW public schools, with almost 99% of schools already offering tutoring support to their students.

“We know COVID-19 had an impact on education during the 2020 school year,” she said. “Our tutoring program is helping students catch up after those disruptions. Helping students bridge the gaps in their education caused by COVID-19 is part of this government’s efforts to build a safer and stronger NSW.”

Mitchell also noted the importance of having a tailored model as it gives schools the flexibility to deliver the program in a way that helps their students best.

According to the Department, additional support is tailored by schools using both the data from last year’s check-in assessments and the knowledge of classroom teachers.

“We are also helping schools in regional and remote areas with access to expert educators to help them create tutoring programs for their community,” Mitchell said. “The program has had fantastic take-up by our country schools, and more than 3,200 of the tutors who are delivering the program are in regional, rural and remote schools.”

“This means no matter where a school is in NSW or how many students they have, they can provide a tutoring program which works for their students.”

Interested educators can still take part in the program by registering at the NSW’s education website.  Existing Department of Education staff, meanwhile, must register through ClassCover.