Rising Stars 2018

Rising Stars 2018

Welcome to The Educator's third annual Rising Stars list. Once again, we asked our readership to nominate up-and-coming leaders under 35 who are making their mark in the ever-changing vocation of education. Thanks to an overwhelming response from readers, our team was able to compile a list of 30 inspiring young educators who are working in a variety of roles in schools around the country. Collectively, they instil confidence that the future of education in Australia lies in safe hands.

The Educator’s Rising Stars have been nominated by colleagues for their expertise, strength of character, willingness to innovate, their passion and their vision. In addition to those attributes, each of the educators featured on the pages that follow shares an ability to lead, and their work speaks to the tremendous efforts being undertaken in schools everywhere to embrace the kind of change necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

The Educator is proud to have the opportunity to profile the achievements of these Rising Stars. I offer my sincere congratulations to all of those who made this year’s list.

Tim Garratt, editor


The Melbourne Graduate School of Education congratulates The Educator’s Rising Stars of 2018. The quality and work of these young leaders is inspirational. The leadership they have shown in their innovative work across their schools demonstrates their skills, knowledge and passion.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching, the impact of our research, and the leadership and innovation our graduates display. Leadership is an integral part of a successful educational environment, and while good leaders provide a model for others to follow, they also support their colleagues to reach their own potential and inspire them to have the confidence to innovate.

Teaching is a challenging, complex and rewarding career, and we need teachers with the calibre and commitment of these Rising Stars. These teachers are navigating a complicated digital world with their evidencebased approaches to teaching and learning. Their impressive contribution to the profession of teaching not only benefits their students, but also their colleagues and the community more broadly.

I’d like to congratulate the 2018 winners once again, and wish them all the best for continued success in the future.

Dr Jim Watterston
Melbourne Graduate School of Education